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What Type of Business is Cool Blue Capital?

Cool Blue Capital is An Experienced Investment Group

Nearly every adult in America wishes they knew more about investing. While investing in up-and-coming business ventures can be incredibly lucrative, it can also be quite risky. However, with the help of an experienced group of investment professionals, you can select and participate in investment opportunities that suit your interests.

Cool Blue Capital is an investment group located in Jenks, OK that is accomplishing this very thing. As a team, they work to identify investment opportunities that have high potential returns. Whether you are an experienced investor or looking for guidance on how to get started in this exciting industry, Cool Blue Capital is ready to partner with you! 

Keep reading to learn more about the unique opportunities that Cool Blue Capital provides its partners.

What Sets Cool Blue Capital Apart?

Cool Blue CapitalThere are many factors and qualities that set Cool Blue Capital apart from other investment groups. Cool Blue Capital has spent the time necessary to carefully expand its team, working with only the most experienced investment brokers and analysts. As a team, they help countless individuals manage their assets and provide insight and advice on unique and beneficial investment opportunities. 

The team at Cool Blue Capital understands that the world of investing can become quickly overwhelming. For this reason, they work to educate and guide their partners towards investments that will prove lucrative. By working closely with the team at Cool Blue Capital, investors of every level can gain confidence in their decisions while participating in unique investment opportunities.

Cool Blue Capital Seeks Out Unique Investment Opportunities

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the investment team at Cool Blue Capital is that they take the time to seek out unique opportunities. They are not just an ordinary investment firm. Cool Blue Capital continues to seek out new investment opportunities and objectives. Some of the investments they are interested in include business start-ups, up-and-coming business ventures, and other unique investments.

Because the team at Cool Blue Capital has always had an interest in these unique opportunities, they have been able to meet board directors and executive teams for a wide variety of businesses. Through these relationships, they carefully determine whether the investment has the potential for a high return. 

The Cool Blue Capital team takes their position very seriously. They are dedicated to helping their clients make the best decisions regarding potential investments. While the nature of their investments is often high risk, they also have a great potential for high reward. After all, isn’t that the point of investing?

Cool Blue Capital Negotiates Offers That Meet Their Goals

As a professional investment firm, Cool Blue Capital works to negotiate offers that meet their goals. However, they do not invest in just any opportunity! At Cool Blue Capital, the team of investment brokers and analysts works to identify investment opportunities that meet both their profile and objectives.

Cool Blue Capital Provides Investments With Minimal Risk

Anyone who has invested professionally understands that every investment is coupled with a certain level of risk. While many of the investment opportunities at Cool Blue Capital are high risk with the potential for high reward, this is not done without care. 

The team at Cool Blue Capital understands the need to mitigate risk for their partners. They carefully filter through investment opportunities, choosing to invest in opportunities that represent the least amount of risk for the greatest potential return.

History of Cool Blue Capital Investment Group

Similar to many investment firms, Cool Blue Capital began with a single investment. Founded in 2019 by Ryan Shay and Brent Orr, Cool Blue Capital started with an investment into a small biotechnology company. This first investment led Cool Blue Capital’s founders to brainstorm ways they could continue to create value for their company and future partners. Thus, Cool Blue Capital was born. 

Since its foundation in 2019, Cool Blue Capital’s collective holdings have reached over two hundred million dollars in market value. They invest in a variety of ways including preferred stock, common stock, stock warrants, stock options, convertible notes, private equity positions, and several other forms of investment.

Cool Blue Capital continues to provide its partners and clients with unique, lucrative investment opportunities that display potential for high returns. With a dedication to excellence and a desire to go the extra mile, the Cool Blue Capital team continues to have success in their investment ventures.

Cool Blue Capital’s Services

Cool Blue Capital is a professional investment group. They work to provide individuals with unique investment opportunities for up-and-coming businesses and start-ups that have a high potential for a great return. Their investments are diverse and include preferred stock, common stock, stock warrants, stock options, convertible notes, private equity positions, and several other forms of investment.

Contact Information for Cool Blue Capital

To learn more about Cool Blue Capital, or invest in one of the many up-and-coming business ventures with which they are partnering, use the information listed below.


100 S Riverfront Drive Suite 410 

Jenks, OK 74037



As a professional investment group, Cool Blue Capital is always accepting new and interested investors. The investment brokers and analysts at Cool Blue Capital are constantly researching new business opportunities as well as existing companies that display a high return potential. This unique strategy has warranted great success since its foundation in 2019. 

Investing wisely is one of the greatest ways to increase your financial security. However, it can prove challenging for the majority of investors. Regardless of your level of experience or comfort surrounding the world of investments, the Cool Blue Capital team is ready to help you succeed. 

If you are ready to invest in unique, lucrative business ventures but unsure of where to start, consider partnering with Cool Blue Capital. With the help of their carefully curated team of expert investment brokers and analysts, you will be able to invest with confidence and enjoy the many benefits of investing. 

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