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About Discover Tulsa

Discover Tulsa was created to help reveal what makes Tulsa unique and a great place to live or visit. We also provide information about upcoming events, local sports and entertainment. Our team has fun writing about Tulsa and hopefully letting our audience know something they didn’t know before about our city.

About Tulsa

Tulsa is located in northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas River. Settled in the 1830s by Creek Indians, Tulsa attracted white settlers and became a cattle-shipping center with the arrival of railroads in 1882. An oil boom at the turn of the century brought dramatic growth. Once known as the “Oil Capital of the World,” Tulsa remains an important center for the industry, with a diversified economy now embracing other industries such as aerospace, chemicals, computer parts and industrial machinery. Tulsa is particularly attractive to high-tech industries, and also encourages small businesses – 80% of its businesses employ less than 10 people. With an income level 11% above the national average and a cost of living 4% below, Tulsa is a great place to live.