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turkey dinners in Tulsa

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10 Places That Sell Turkey Dinners in Tulsa

Top 10 Places That Sell Turkey Dinners in Tulsa: A Thanksgiving Feast Guide

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and gathering, and what better way to celebrate than with a delectable turkey dinner? In Tulsa, there are exceptional establishments ready to make your Thanksgiving feast stress-free. Let’s delve into the top 10 places that sell turkey dinners, each offering a unique culinary experience.

1. Whole Foods Market

Embrace a luxurious Thanksgiving with Whole Foods Market’s exquisite turkey dinners. Sourced from premium ingredients, their ready-to-pick-up feasts promise a blend of traditional flavors and innovative culinary twists. Indulge in a hassle-free holiday meal without compromising on quality.

top turkey dinners in Tulsa

2. Reasor’s

For a classic Thanksgiving with a touch of home, Reasor’s stands as a reliable choice. Their turkey dinners showcase a perfect balance of flavors, reflecting the warmth of a homemade feast. Convenient and delicious, Reasor’s ensures your Thanksgiving is memorable for all the right reasons.

3. The Boston Deli

The Boston Deli elevates your Thanksgiving experience with gourmet flair. Indulge in the culinary expertise of their chefs, offering handcrafted turkey dinners that marry tradition with innovation. This Thanksgiving, savor the excellence that The Boston Deli brings to your table.

4. 918 Maples Cafe and Catering

For a local touch and a feast to remember, 918 Maples Cafe and Catering delivers. Their turkey dinners reflect the community’s spirit, using locally sourced ingredients to create a Thanksgiving meal that’s both sustainable and delicious.

5. Justin Thompson Catering

Step into a world of culinary sophistication with Justin Thompson Catering. Elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary, their turkey dinners redefine Thanksgiving indulgence. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey with Justin Thompson Catering’s expertly crafted feasts.

6. Le Belle Restaurant and Events

Le Belle Restaurant and Events offers a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving celebration. With a focus on culinary artistry, their turkey dinners showcase a blend of flavors that cater to the discerning palate. Elevate your holiday with the sophistication that Le Belle brings to the table.

7. The French Hen

Indulge in the charm of French-inspired Thanksgiving at The French Hen. Their turkey dinners are a fusion of classic French techniques and traditional Thanksgiving flavors. Delight your guests with a feast that transports them to the culinary streets of France.

8. The Fresh Market

Discover the freshness and quality that The Fresh Market brings to your Thanksgiving feast. Their turkey dinners feature handpicked ingredients, ensuring a farm-to-table experience. Enjoy a Thanksgiving meal that embodies The Fresh Market’s commitment to culinary excellence.

9. Metro Diner

For a hearty and wholesome Thanksgiving, Metro Diner is the go-to destination. Their turkey dinners are a celebration of comfort food, reminiscent of a home-cooked meal. Relish the simplicity and heartiness that Metro Diner brings to your Thanksgiving table.

10. Cracker Barrel

Experience the charm of a Southern-style Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel. Their turkey dinners exude comfort and authenticity, providing a taste of homestyle cooking. From perfectly roasted turkeys to mouthwatering sides, Cracker Barrel captures the essence of a family-centered Thanksgiving celebration.

Why Ordering a Turkey Dinner is a Brilliant Idea for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time-honored tradition that brings families and friends together, is synonymous with a hearty feast centered around a succulent turkey. While the thought of cooking this iconic bird from scratch might appeal to some, ordering a pre-cooked turkey dinner has become an increasingly popular and practical choice for many households. In this article, we explore the compelling reasons why opting for a professionally prepared turkey dinner is not just a convenient alternative but a brilliant idea for Thanksgiving.

1. Time-Saving Convenience

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal, especially the centerpiece turkey, is a time-consuming endeavor. From thawing the bird to meticulously seasoning and roasting it, the process demands hours of kitchen labor. By ordering a turkey dinner, you liberate yourself from this time-intensive task. Time that can be better spent with loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversations and creating cherished memories.

take-home turkey dinners in Tulsa


2. Stress-Free Celebrations

The holidays are meant to be a joyous occasion, but the pressure of hosting a flawless Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming. Ordering a pre-cooked turkey dinner eliminates the stress associated with meal preparation. It allows you to focus on the essence of the celebration, fostering an environment of joy and togetherness rather than being tethered to the kitchen.

3. Professional Culinary Expertise

When you order a turkey dinner from a reputable establishment, you are tapping into the culinary expertise of professional chefs. These culinary maestros bring their skills to the table, ensuring that your Thanksgiving turkey is cooked to perfection. The result is a mouthwatering masterpiece that might surpass what many home cooks can achieve.

4. Diverse Menu Options

Opting for a pre-cooked turkey dinner doesn’t mean sacrificing variety. Many establishments offer diverse menu options, including various side dishes, desserts, and even alternative main courses for those with dietary restrictions. This variety allows you to tailor your Thanksgiving feast to suit the preferences and dietary needs of your guests.

5. Quality Ingredients

Establishments specializing in pre-cooked turkey dinners often prioritize the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that your Thanksgiving meal is not only convenient but also delicious. From the turkey itself to the accompanying sides, you can expect a level of excellence that may be challenging to replicate at home.

6. Portion Control

Ordering a pre-cooked turkey dinner enables better portion control. You can choose the size of the turkey and accompanying dishes based on the number of guests you’re hosting. This helps in minimizing food wastage, ensuring that you have just the right amount to satisfy everyone’s appetite without excess.

7. Avoiding Kitchen Mishaps

Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is not without its risks, especially for those less experienced in the kitchen. From overcooking the turkey to undercooking side dishes, the potential for kitchen mishaps is ever-present. By ordering a professionally prepared meal, you sidestep these potential pitfalls, guaranteeing a flawless and delicious Thanksgiving spread.

8. Easy Cleanup

The aftermath of a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal can be daunting. Piles of dirty dishes, greasy pots and pans, and a cluttered kitchen are often the unwelcome aftermath. With a pre-cooked turkey dinner, cleanup becomes a breeze. Most establishments provide disposable or easily cleaned containers, minimizing the post-feast cleanup effort.

9. Focus on Enjoyment

Thanksgiving is a time to revel in the joy of togetherness, not to be shackled by kitchen duties. Ordering a turkey dinner allows you to be a part of the celebration rather than a slave to the stove. You can fully immerse yourself in the enjoyment of the day, creating lasting memories with family and friends.

10. Supporting Local Businesses

Opting for a pre-cooked turkey dinner from local establishments not only benefits you but also supports the local community. During the holiday season, local businesses appreciate the patronage, and your choice to order from them contributes to the economic well-being of your neighborhood.

In conclusion, ordering a pre-cooked turkey dinner is a brilliant idea for Thanksgiving for various reasons. From the time-saving convenience and stress-free celebrations to the professional culinary expertise and quality ingredients, it offers a plethora of advantages that enhance the overall holiday experience. So, this Thanksgiving, consider giving yourself the gift of a hassle-free and delicious feast by opting for a professionally prepared turkey dinner.


In conclusion, Tulsa offers a diverse array of options for a delightful Thanksgiving feast. Whether you prefer the luxury of Whole Foods Market, the homely warmth of Reasor’s, or the Southern charm of Cracker Barrel, each establishment brings a unique flavor to your celebration. Explore the culinary landscapes of Tulsa and make this Thanksgiving a memorable and stress-free experience.


Q: Can I customize my turkey dinner order? Absolutely! Most establishments on our list offer customization options to suit your preferences. Don’t hesitate to inquire about personalized touches to make your Thanksgiving feast uniquely yours.

Q: Are these turkey dinners suitable for dietary restrictions? Yes, many of the featured places provide options for dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives. Be sure to check with the specific establishment for details.

Q: Do I need to pre-order my turkey dinner? To ensure availability and timely preparation, it’s advisable to pre-order your turkey dinner. Check with the individual establishments for their ordering policies and deadlines.

Q: Can I trust the quality of the turkey dinners from these places? Absolutely! The highlighted establishments are renowned for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, your Thanksgiving dinner will be a delicious and memorable experience.

Q: Do these places offer delivery options for turkey dinners? While some places may offer delivery, it’s recommended to check with each establishment for their specific services. Many provide convenient pick-up options for a stress-free Thanksgiving celebration.

Q: Are the turkey dinners reasonably priced? Prices may vary among the listed establishments, but they generally offer competitive and reasonable pricing for the quality and convenience they provide.

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