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Tulsa Real Estate Coaching | Targeted Properties

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Tulsa Real Estate Coaching | Targeted Properties

Whether you are an experienced property wholesaler or if you are preparing to contract your very first property, you need to be prepared. Learn how to save time and make more money by having all the necessary things in place ahead of time. Here are my top three ways to get ready for your first (or next) property.


Get your business or LLC established ahead of time. Even if you see yourself as a sole proprietor, I recommend setting up an LLC. This gives you tax advantages a sole proprietorship does not. Set up your business bank account, print your business cards, letterhead, and things of that nature. You are running a legitimate business, and you want to operate like one. Tulsa Real Estate Coaching Tulsa real estate coaching


Have your “go to” business contacts already lined up. Who are your “go to” contacts? They are your most important assets, the life-blood of your business. These are your title company, lender/investor, and finally a realtor you can trust.


Have all your types of contracts ready to go. You will need your purchase contract, JV (joint venture), and your wholesale assignment contracts on point! This is where your money lives, so make sure you have them reviewed by legal counsel. If you have attended the workshops I provided you with the copies I use.


These 3 things are vital to the success of your wholesale business. Locating, negotiating, and closing deals is a very time sensitive process. Having all these things in place will save you time and money. You want to build a successful business and I want to help you accomplish that! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I am more than happy to help! “Don’t just spray and pray. Snipe your targeted properties!”
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