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Stokely Event Center is a Tulsa wedding reception venue that can provide a special atmosphere for a wide assortment of events. With free-to-play games and a large assortment of decorative signs, Stokely Event Center has a made a name for itself as the most unique venue in the Tulsa area. Encompassing over 3,500 feet of space, they are more than equipped to accommodate a variety of events.

What Sets Stokely Event Center Apart from Other Tulsa Venues

Stokely Event Center Venue

The team at Stokely Event Center go above and beyond to help ensure that every event they host is a hit. Their greatest claim to fame is their unique decor. With literally hundreds of classic Tulsa signs as well as other memorabilia, you won’t find a venue likely Stokely Event Center anywhere else.

In addition to their great decor, they have great customer service! Their team is friendly and helpful as you work with them to work out the details of the event that you’re planning.

Stokely Event Center’s Services

Here are some of the main services that Stokely Event Center provides to their guests:

    • Tulsa Wedding Reception Venue
    • Plug and Play Sound System
    • Screen and Projector
    • Adjustable Space to Host Events of Every Size
    • Plenty of Parking Nearby
    • Numerous Accommodation Options Nearby
    • You’re Allowed to Use Your Own Caterers and Vendors
    • In-House Soda Fountain
    • Post Event Cleaning Service Included Free with Every Booking


Contact Information for Stokely Event Center 

If you’re interested in learning more about Stokely Event Center, below you will find their contact information.

Phone Number

(918) 600-4448


10111 E 45th Pl
Tulsa, OK 74146




You can call Stokely Event Center between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Thursday.