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Story from Ken and Genn Ann Mason: When we were first introduced to Pure, we had a great income, great title, the corner office, and no life. The corporate dream! Working from early morning to late evening, all of my “good” hours were spent on other people. Ken was at risk of losing his pilot’s license because his BP was high, cholesterol was high. We were a mess. We immediately saw a way to spend time making up for the years we missed, instead of giving the best of us to build someone else’s future. We jumped in with both feet – came in at the top level with a 30 share pack. flooded our bodies with product, and started sharing the business opportunity! Within two weeks, we had earned all of our initial investment back and started turning FULL profit!

Tulsa Wellness Products 

Our first check was $600 – for a WEEK! With today’s enhanced compensation plan, it would have been over $1500! To say PURE has changed our lives would be an understatement! Ken’s health is back on track. My health is back on track. But best of all, I’ve been able to walk away from my corner office and replace it with working from my back porch. We actually communicate and spend time with each other in the evening, and we’re excited to help others do the same thing!  We believe our mission is to change lives. Tulsa Wellness Products – We asked God for the opportunity to give buckets and buckets of money away, and that’s exactly what he’s doing! Our goals now include Ken having the option to retire in 2019 as we pour into other families in the manner that we believe God intends for us to do. We’ll be debt-free and have the ability to give time and money wherever we are led! On top of all that, we’re excited about the opportunity to go to Hawaii next summer, all expenses paid, along with several of our team members! We are so thankful for this company, our leaders, and the change that it’s made possible in our lives!

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Improve your overall health and wellness while supporting your specific needs with our quality line of daily use products. Lose weight, feel great! Reach your goals the healthy way with our exceptional line of weight management products, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Maximize your performance before, during and after your daily workouts. Support a healthy immune system with these unique formulations. Stay hydrated to maintain the critical functions of every system in your body. Experience the anti-aging benefits of peptides and botanical ingredients and discover a more vibrant, youthful appearance

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