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Whether it’s an emergency in a storm or a renovation project you’re ready to get started, Blacksmith Roofing & Construction is there when you need them. The Broken Arrow Roofing company is a BBB certified roofing company. Blacksmith Roofing operates using high-grade certified shingles, as well as other high-quality materials, in their projects. The Broken Arrow Roofing company provides free tarps in storm emergencies, and offers a 50-year non-prorated warranty on all residential roof installations. The Broken Arrow Roofing company is able to do so because they’re known as a ShingleMaster™ with the top-quality CertainTeed roofing products that they use in installations.

Underlying the Broken Arrow Roofing company’s quality products and results, Blacksmith Roofing & Construction operates by a system of Ironclad Ethics that you can trust.

They put their all into what is said and done, from the honest integrity of their initial price quote to coming alongside you with step-by-step communication through each phase of the project. The Broken Arrow Roofing company never leaves you guessing about time and cost, and their professional, people-centric team follows through with the kind of results that’ll have you saying, “Yes. That was worth my investment.”


Broken Arrow Roofing Services

ROOFING – Their 50-year non-prorated warranty with all Full Roof Replacements makes it easy for you to feel confident, not only in the work they do for you, but also that you and your family is set for a long time.

FREE TARPING – In a rough situation with a roof leak? You don’t have to be stranded when the next storm hits. The Broken Arrow Roofing company will come to you and make sure that your set with a free tarping to assure that your house isn’t being further damaged while they work out the details.

LONG-TERM SUPPORT – When the Broken Arrow Roofing company replaces someone’s roof, they’re with you for years to come to assure that you never have to worry how you’re going to keep your roof maintained. You’re guaranteed with their roofs that you’re getting the best quality, but more importantly, you’re getting support from them that makes the whole process even better.


The Broken Arrow Roofing company is so proud to have been voted the Best Roofer in 2018 in the Best of the Best awards from Oklahoma Magazine. To get roofing by the best of the best, contact the Broken Arrow Roofer today!

Address: 36 E Cameron St Tulsa, OK 74103

Phone: (918) 994-2874

Email: [email protected]

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