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Tulsa’s Top 10 Safest Areas to Live During 2022

The Safest Neighborhoods in Tulsa 2022

It’s important to live in a safe area. Not just for you, but also for your family. Recently there has been an incident where someone was shot in the head. You can’t go through life worrying about things like that happening to you or worse, your child.

Living in a safe area will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your child can run around outside without worrying about predators. After research in the Tulsa area, I have found 10 areas that have reported crime ratings and scores that you can evaluate when deciding to move to an area.

In addition, there are other factors to consider outside of these ratings such as gated communities, code six, and apartments. Be sure to remember that when you are searching for a home and area to live in, you should evaluate the following reasons to seek a safe area: high value on homes, high quality of life, growing economy, more investment that people put into their neighborhood and ultimately a safe home.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some great places to pick from where you can find not only less crime but more safety and security as well as the amenities of upscale living. We feel this is important because if safety is what you are looking for, why settle for anything less?

1. Utica Square

  • Population: 6,095
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents: 0.17
  • Crime Score: 55 out of 100

Low crime by Tulsa standards. Utica Square is an upscale shopping center that has been a staple in Tulsa since 1923. Their security is always visible and it’s one of the safest places to feel at ease in the city.

2. Oak Tree Village Neighborhood Association

  • Population: 10,825
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents: 0.31
  • Crime Score: 77 out of 100

Another low-crime area with a great shopping center and plenty of schools! The Oaks Mall is a wonderful place to take the kids for entertainment as well as an upscale grocery store.

3. South Peoria

  • Population: 27,701
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents: 0.53
  • Crime Score: 87 out of 100

South Peoria is a diverse community with plenty to offer for new home buyers with an average house price of $126,000! They even have a great school district and its library branch.

4. Mohawk Park Neighborhood Association

  • Population: 4,359
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents: 0.57
  • Crime Score: 91 out of 100

A quaint neighborhood with a bunch of great amenities and plenty to see at the beautiful Mohawk Park. Its greenbelt will keep you safe if you need to go for a run and the clubhouse is a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee and relax.

5. The Village At Stonegate

  • Population: 31,249
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents: 0.55
  • Crime Score: 91 out of 100

A large number of homes for sale mean you can find something affordable here if you are searching for a peaceful neighborhood. This is just one of many great neighborhoods in the city that offers a nice place to live if you are on a budget.

6. South Shores Neighborhood Association

  • Population: 4,014
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents 0.69
  • Crime Score: 93 out of 100

A community pool, nearby schools and downtown are all waiting for you to come out and enjoy them. The streets are well lit, the homes are affordable and it’s a great area to go for walks or play with your kids.

7. Oakhurst Historic District

  • Population: 1,272
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents 0.87
  • Crime Score: 96 out of 100

A quaint area with plenty of history behind it, Oakhurst offers a sense of laid-back community that many people are looking for. The houses are affordable and the neighbors are friendly.

8. Windsor Hills

  • Population: 2,235
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents 0.91
  • Crime Score: 97 out of 100

A private community with some of the lowest crime in the city. They have their security team and a beautiful clubhouse for residents to enjoy.

9. South Silver Springs

  • Population: 5,715
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents 1.04
  • Crime Score: 99 out of 100

If you are on a budget but don’t want to live in the city, South Silver Springs is a great place for you. The homes are affordable and located just south of Maple Ridge Park which is perfect for kids to play at.


10. South Country Club Association

  • Population: 2,227
  • Violent Crimes per 100k residents 1.19
  • Crime Score: 100 out of 100

This is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Tulsa and it shows. Everything you could want is included in this community with shopping, schools, restaurants, and even a place to shop for groceries right outside your door!

Reasons To Seek Safety

Crime rates are at their lowest in most places, with many cities reporting less than one violent crime per 1,000 people. But it is still important to feel safe where you live. Here are five reasons why you should look for a safe neighborhood when searching for somewhere to live.

Safer Home

One of the greatest steps to take towards protecting your family is by moving to a safer neighborhood where there is a low crime rate.

Any time you let your guard down, criminals are ready to take advantage of it – and that includes when you’re out for a walk in the park with your children or when you’re coming home late.

The safest neighborhoods are ones where the crime rates are low, which means there is less of a chance that someone will try to break into your house or hurt you on the street.

More Investment in Neighborhoods

Although it may be true that some areas are simply more crime-ridden than others, it isn’t always the case. When crime rates in a specific area go down, local government and other organizations may begin investing more into that neighborhood such as refurbishing old buildings, better school programs, and other improvements to living conditions.

This makes the neighborhood safer for everyone who lives there – even those citizens who don’t take advantage of these programs.

Growing Economy

When a city has lower crime rates, it also tends to attract an influx of people who are interested in moving there. This means more investments from major corporations and other private companies, leading to the creation of new jobs for residents.

For example, when there is a significant amount of investment put into a neighborhood’s law enforcement department, this allows the city to hire more people and pay them higher wages. These positions include police officers, firefighters, and other jobs that make up a diverse economy.

High Quality of Life

Everyone wants to live in a place where they can enjoy their family and friends freely without worrying about criminal activity or feeling unsafe walking on the street at night. This is part of high quality of life, and it’s something you should look for when searching for a new home.

High Value on Homes

If an area has crime rates that are significantly lower than the national average, real estate agents will often place a higher value on certain homes because they’re in such “high demand”. For example, a house that’s close to a police station or a school gymnasium might be worth more than other homes in the surrounding area.

There are several advantages to living in a safer neighborhood, so it pays to do your research before moving somewhere new. If you have any questions about living in a particular neighborhood, contact your local police department or an agent who specializes in real estate.

Things To Consider

In a crime-ridden society, there is strength in numbers. While wealthier neighborhoods may be more attractive as they boast of an increased sense of security and independence from the government, those who can’t afford to live within those communities should consider moving into areas that offer the most safety possible.

If you do not live in a safe area, I suggest moving to one as soon as possible. While crime is often regarded as the problem of the inner city, your best bet for safety would be to live in an upscale community.

That is if you are looking for something more than just less crime but also high-income levels and good schools. Sure some downtown areas might fit this description, but most people want to pick their neighborhood.


In particular, apartment complexes with high-tech security measures have proven to be especially successful in keeping crime at bay.

While the high rate of rent may turn some away, there’s no doubting that apartment complexes with cutting-edge security will go a long way in keeping properties free from theft and vandalism.

Code Six

Code six is an alert system implemented by some cities to notify all citizens when crimes are being committed on a mass scale.

It’s been adopted by the police force to help neighbors look out for each other and ensure that criminals can’t get away with their crimes even if they escape from law enforcement authorities.

Gated Communities

In addition, gated communities have also proven successful in decreasing crime rates, especially those with armed guards patrolling the premises around the clock.

While this may seem like an expensive way to do things, there’s no doubting that criminals are less likely to commit crimes in neighborhoods with this type of security.

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