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Tulsa Date Ideas | Discover Tulsa
Tulsa Date Ideas | Discover Tulsa


Tulsa Date Ideas

Are you and your significant other looking for new date ideas? Are both of you looking for more ways to explore the Tulsa area? Tulsa is a great city for families and couples, new and old. It offers many activities to fit you and your spouse’s preferences; you just have to know where to look. Tulsa Date Ideas | Discover Tulsa

My husband and I always enjoy unique and memorable dates, and luckily Tulsa offers a lot of venues to fit those needs. For any special date you’re looking for, you can be sure that Tulsa offers numerous choices. From fun and exciting activities to wonderful romantic outings, Tulsa has it all. Without further ado, here is a list of Tulsa date ideas:

Check Out the Animals

Tulsa is home to not only a very nice zoo but also a cool aquarium as well. Both are kept clean and both take care of their animals. Whether it’s just you and your S.O. or if you want to include the kids, you can have fun seeing and interacting with exotic animals.

The zoo makes for a great day-date. It offers many areas to have a picnic while you enjoy the presence of your favorite furry friends; after you eat, you can take a nice stroll hand in hand as you make your way from the elephants to the giraffes.

Catch a Movie

Tulsa has a plethora of movie theatres to choose from; my husband and I have officially settled with Cinemark. Tuesday nights have become our movie date night, as Cinemark offers ticket discounts on this specific day of the week. For just about $3 each, we can stay up to date on the latest feature films.

Another great way to catch a movie on your Tulsa date is to visit Guthrie Green. Guthrie Green is a little park in the Brady Arts District that will play a movie on the lawn every Thursday night over the summer. Bring a blanket, some pillows, and your significant other to cozy up and watch a movie under the stars.

Tulsa Art Crawl

If you and your bae have an appreciation for art, this may be the activity for you. On the first Friday of every month, Tulsa opens up its doors to display local artists and their work. On your Tulsa date, you can find the next masterpiece to hang in your house, or you can surprise your spouse with a piece of jewelry sold from one of the vendors.

Witness Tulsa’s authenticity and support for local artists at its finest. The Art Crawl is a popular event that many attend, but it’s worth it. There is nothing better than to spend your time supporting others and supporting local businesses.

Get a Taste of the Farm Life

Something that my husband and I have always enjoyed is going to farmer’s markets. I love the ambiance and nostalgia that comes with checking out each table and craft. If you’re like us, make your way down to Cherry Street every Saturday from Spring until the end of Summer to bask in the glory of locally produced goods.

You and Your Honey can sample taste real authentic honey harvested in Tulsa’s surrounding areas. Afterward, you can see what the rest of Cherry Street has to offer, which is a hometown hipster feel. It has cool shops and good food in the stores lining the road. This always makes for a great Tulsa date!

A Walk Along the River

If you and your significant other are up for a romantic walk, or bike, along the river, then the Tulsa Riverwalk is perfect for you. It offers nice kept trails that run alongside the Arkansas River. Along the way, you can stop at shops and restaurants overlooking the running waters.

The Riverwalk would make a great active Tulsa date for those couples that like to get out and enjoy nature. You can either bring a bike or you can rent a motorized bike from the many stations throughout the city.

The Gathering Place

I will never pass up an opportunity to pitch the greatest park in America. The Gathering Place is a beautiful park that’s been masterfully designed and landscaped. It offers different dining and lounging options, kayak rentals, art galleries, and weekly events to enjoy. If you and your S.O. are wanting to bring out the inner-kid, you can be awe-inspired by the incredibly architected skate park, Swing/Slide Hill, and amazing playgrounds.

Depending on the day of the week, the park will offer certain events for your Tulsa date. I prefer the Dog-Day Wednesday so the pooch can get in on the fun. The park also offers musical concerts and things for the kids. It’s a great way to enjoy the day!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Are you a couple that enjoys a good sports outing? If so, Tulsa has a wide array of sporting events for you to attend; however, I was raised in a baseball family, so I will always choose a baseball game. Book tickets to see the Tulsa Drillers at ONEOK Field.

Whether you do it for the stadium food, the fan cries, or for the kiss cam, you can never deny that there is something romantic about a baseball game. Maybe it’s the numerous scenes in Hollywood movies that depict cheesy baseball game proposals; nonetheless, it’s a great Tulsa date idea.

Frisbee Golf

This idea may be specific to just my spouse and I, but we love spending our Saturday afternoons playing frisbee golf. It allows for good quality time together and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Tulsa also happens to have quite a number of nice frisbee golf courses.

Get some discs at Walmart, pack up a bag with some snacks, and head out to the park. If you don’t take yourselves seriously, frisbee golf can make for some humorous fun; however, if you happen to be serious about it, your significant other can give you some friendly competition.

Grab Some Coffee

If you enjoy having a nice conversation over a cup of coffee, then Tulsa is the perfect place you. There are numerous local coffee shops all over Tulsa; each has its own unique theme and feel. Tulsians take their coffee seriously, so encourage your date to try some of the authentic blends that you may see on the menu.

One coffee shop that is worth a Tulsa date visit is one known as Cirque Coffee. This coffee corner has a chic rustic feel and appeals to the hip vibes that pulse through Tulsa. Millennials love this place and it’s probably the first place to come into mind when they hear the question, “do you want to go get some coffee?”

Ice Skating at Christmas

Every American knows of New York’s famous ice rink at Rockefeller Center. We’ve all seen the ice dancers gliding under the lights that illuminate from a grand Christmas tree. Well, Tulsa has one of these too, and it makes for a very romantic evening. If you take a trip down to the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa, you can take part in the winter wonderland.

Join your lover on the ice and take a magical pace around the rink. Be warned: some nights you may have to skate with short-sleeves on due to Tulsa’s long-stretched summers, but it’s still worth it. Make your rounds under the Tulsa skyline and enjoy your loved ones at this time of year.

Fall in Love in the Garden

Gardens are a thing of romance and beauty, and luckily Tulsa happens to have a few good ones. You and your spouse can take a stroll through the beautiful Tulsa Botanic Garden or you can wonder at the splendor of the Philbrook Art Museum. Not only does the Philbrook look like a mansion yanked from the Italian countryside, but it’s art exhibits and gardens make for a lovely Tulsa date.

You can walk the halls of the Philbrook Museum and gawk at the international art hanging on the walls. Then, take your special someone by the hand and head to the gazebo overlooking the museum garden. The peace of nature and the serenity of the sound of waterfalls make for a special time to be shared.

These are just a few Tulsa date ideas for you lovebirds to try, but I can guarantee that each will leave you happy and appreciative that you live in such a great place. Whether you want a fun activity to take part in, places to relax and lounge around in, or even a very intimate venue to romanticize your special someone in, you can find it in Tulsa!

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