Tulsa HVAC Company K & M Shillingford

Who Is Tulsa’s Best HVAC Company?

K & M Shillingford Is Tulsa’s Best HVAC Company!Tulsa HVAC Company K & S Shillingford

K & M Shillingford (KMS) is Tulsa’s premier source for all your HVAC needs. KMS is one of the most respected HVAC contractors in the industry. They pride themselves on attention to detail, dedicated service, and a proven track record with over 40 years of experience. KMS is your source for innovative heating and cooling solutions for your home or business. The team at KMS will provide you with the best customer service to meet your HVAC needs. They will provide customized solutions for your home or business. Our service technicians will analyze your project and offer innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for your heating and cooling needs. They come highly recommended and will give you the best service in the Tulsa area!

What Sets KMS Apart?

KMS sets itself apart from its competition. KMS is your most experienced geothermal contractor who can build and design mechanical systems. Due to their extensive industry background and experience, they can help you with any of your HVAC, heating, or cooling needs. They have a stellar team of employees dedicated to helping you with customized service. KMS is there when you need them. They have the expertise and know-how to meet all your heating and cooling needs. They provide 24/7 support to all of their clients.


K & M Shillingford provides many services to the Tulsa area:

  • Tulsa Residential Design
  • Tulsa Residential HVAC Installation
  • Tulsa Residential HVAC Repair and Maintenance
  • Tulsa Residential Indoor Air Quality
  • Tulsa Commercial Mechanical Systems Design
  • Tulsa Commercial Installation
  • Tulsa Commercial Repair and Maintenance
  • Tulsa Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Contact Information for K & M Shillingford

If you need any of KMS’s services, here is their contact information.

Phone Number

(918) 834–7000


5004 East Archer

Tulsa, OK 74115





K & M Shillingford is Tulsa’s premier HVAC contractor. They have over four decades of experience that can help you with all of your heating and cooling needs. They have a comprehensive list of services they offer, sure to meet your needs. They will provide excellent customer service and address your specific heating and cooling needs. You can learn more about KMS by viewing their Google Reviews here