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Ventures 7000 Vern Twyman

Ventures 7000 is a Treasure Recovery Organization

Ventures 7000 is a treasure recovery organization founded by Vern Twyman. Working specifically in the Phillippine Islands, Ventures 7000 is dedicated to recovering the lost artifacts of World War II. Nazi Germany made a habit of stealing historical and cultural artifacts as well as valuable paintings as they campaigned Africa and Europe.

Many of these artifacts were destroyed while many more were hidden throughout the world. The latest discovery of lost World War II artifacts has been deep within the Phillippine Islands. With numerous islands and a network of tunnels and caves already in place, The Phillippines was the ideal place for the Axis Powers to hide their loot.

Ventures 7000 is working to recover the artifacts hidden within the wilderness of The Phillippines and return them to society. Ventures 7000 works closely with the Philippino people to uncover the secrets that their islands are hiding.

What Sets Ventures 7000 Apart?

Ventures 7000 is set apart from other treasure recovery organizations in a number of ways; firstly, they are a team of professionals skilled in the history of the art they’re searching for and equipped with the proper equipment and knowledge to search out the treasure.

Ventures 7000 is in good stand with the Philippino government to help excavate such treasure. Due to the influx of treasure recovery organizations flooding the Phillippine Islands once artifacts were found, the foreign government has had to limit the amount of organization legally permitted to work within the country. Ventures 7000 has secured its spot as a licensed and permitted organization to hunt for treasure in The Phillippines.

Ventures 7000’s Services

Ventures 7000 is solely a treasure recovery organization dedicated to finding the lost treasure of World War II.

Contact Information for Venture 7000

Phone Number

+1 (539) 777-1335


7707 E 111th St Ste 103

Tulsa, OK  74133


Ventures 7000:

If you want to know more about what Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000 is doing, visit their website here. Art can transport us to historical events and fantastical places, and Ventures 7000 is working to uncover the lost art of World War II. Imagine the stories these pieces tell!


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