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Are Fireworks Legal in Tulsa? Complete Guide for Locals


Can You Use Fireworks Legally in Tulsa?

Fireworks are the spectacle of many celebrations, including America’s Birthday, the 4th of July. Across America, there are rules and regulations specific to counties and local legislation the determines whether or not fireworks are legal for that area. Fireworks pose a serious safety concern for communities, although they are easy to use and fun to watch.

So, are fireworks legal in Tulsa? Fireworks are not legal in Tulsa to the local community. It is illegal to sell, purchase, possess, manufacture, or use fireworks in the Tulsa city limits and you will be fined and charged with a misdemeanor is you are found carrying out such activity. However, many of the towns outside of the city limits do allow fireworks with the use of a permit.

Setting off fireworks is a fun pastime that creates much nostalgia around the country; however, for the safety of the public and the community, Tulsa has banned fireworks from the general public. Keep reading to learn exactly where fireworks are legal and even where you can go to enjoy a fireworks show in Tulsa.

Where Are Fireworks Legal Around Tulsa

So, where are fireworks legal around the Tulsa metropolitan area? While fireworks may be banned within the Tulsa city limits, you can legally set off fireworks in suburbs like Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Claremore, and any other town in Tulsa County if you have a permit from the local government.

Click here to see a list of the surrounding towns and their specific laws about fireworks. As you drive through Broken Arrow on the night of the Fourth of July, you can see many fireworks coming out of every neighborhood in the area. You’re never far from a fireworks show in the suburbs of Tulsa!

How to Legally Use Fireworks In Tulsa County

To legally use fireworks in Tulsa County, with the exception of Tulsa City, you must have a permit. A permit gives you permission by the local government to set off fireworks.

How Do You Get A Permit to Set Off Fireworks?

While fireworks are legal outside the limits of Tulsa City, you must have a permit to legally use them. Instructions to get a permit to set off fireworks differs from town to town; however, you usually have to go to the city hall of your town and fill out an application.

Some towns may have an online permit application, like Broken Arrow. There is a window of time where you can apply for the permit, and the permits will only be good for the few days before the Fourth of July.

To learn how to apply for a fireworks permit in your town, visit your local City Hall.

Why Are Fireworks Illegal in Tulsa

While watching fireworks are a fun way to spend the Fourth of July, they can quickly become dangerous in inexperienced hands. Over the years, The City of Tulsa has seen numerous injuries resulting from the use of fireworks. There have also been structural fires and other property damages caused by fireworks.

In an effort to keep the community safe, Tulsa has banned fireworks from the general public. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good fireworks shows to watch close by.

Best Firework Shows in the Tulsa Area

Here is a list of the best fireworks show in the Tulsa area open to the public:

Tulsa Folds of Honor Freedom Fest

The Folds of Honor happens every year in Tulsa, put on by the QuikTrip Foundation. Go to Veterans Park, River West Festival Park, or anywhere along the Arkansas River in Tulsa to see the show. The fireworks are set off at the 21st Street Bridge by a professional pyrotechnics company.

To read more, check out their website:

Claremore 4th of July Celebration

Held at Claremore Lake Park, Claremore knows how to throw an all-day 4th of July celebration. With a fishing derby in the morning, live music and concessions in the evening, it’s the perfect way to spend your day before watching fireworks at night!

Click here to read more about Claremore.

Broken Arrow Patriots in the Park

Patriots in the Park is put on by the City of Broken Arrow for the community to enjoy. There is live music, inflatables, concessions, and games! This event is known to draw tens of thousands of people to enjoy the end of the celebration with an exquisite fireworks show.

Read more about Patriots in the Park here.

Bartlesville 4th of July Freedom Fest

Bartlesville’s 4th of July Freedom Fest is put on by the Kiwanis Club. Kids can compete in many fun contests as adults listen to live music. You can finish the night out together watching the fireworks show!

Visit the Kiwanis Club website to learn more:

Jenks America Freedom Fest

Jenks America Freedom Fest is one that all can enjoy. Transforming all of downtown Jenks, there are vendors, live music, and a kids zone. If you rather spend your time in the air conditioning, you can visit the aquarium close by! Read our article, Oklahoma Aquarium: Visitor’s Guide, to learn all there is to do at the aquarium. Later, make your way over to the Riverwalk Crossing to watch the fireworks show!

Click here for more information.

Owasso Red, White, and Boom

The Owasso Red, White, and Boom fireworks show is one you can see no matter where you are in town! The fireworks are set off at the Owasso Golf and Athletic Club.

Visit this website to find out more:—Red-White-and-BOOM

Sapulpa Fourth on the Farm

Sapulpa’s Fourth on the Farm is a kid’s paradise. There’s a pool, water games, and lawn games for all to enjoy. Once it gets dark, people celebrate with fireworks and a bonfire. Visit their Facebook page here.

Firework Safety Tips

If you live in an area outside of Tulsa City Limits, you may be excited to set off some fireworks! However, it’s always important to exercise precautions to keep the environment safe. Here are a few firework safety tips to remember this Fourth of July:

Always Have Adult Supervision

Setting off fireworks always creates nostalgia since it brings us back to our childhood years, but you should never leave your kids alone with fireworks. Adult supervision is important to make sure your kids are properly handling the fireworks and practicing safe methods.

Keep A Water Hose Near By

If you’re setting off fireworks, always have a water hose and a water source nearby. Fireworks can cause fires easily; debris can fall out of the sky onto a dry pile of leaves, or sparks can go off and land on a structure.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time by setting your hose up and hooking it up to a water source. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Never Allow Young Children to Play With Fireworks

It’s vital that you never let young children play with fireworks. Fireworks can be considered dangerous even in an adult’s hands, let alone a young child’s. Keep young children indoors or make sure they are supervised away from the fireworks.

Don’t Light Fireworks on Dry Grass

If you light a firework on dry grass, sparks can easily land on the grass and cause it to go up in flames. It’s important to examine your property ahead of time to find the best place to set off fireworks.

The safest place to set off fireworks is usually on the pavement. Make sure you have a wide enough space of pavement where you could set off fireworks away from any structures or shrubbery.

Distance Yourself From Lit Fireworks

When fireworks are lit, it’s important to distance yourself from them as soon as possible. when fireworks set off, they can spray sparks in a radius around them. To avoid serious injury, light the firework’s fuse and run back a distance of at least 10 ft.

Don’t Light a Firework in Your Hand

It is vital when handling fireworks that you don’t light a firework in your hand. Most traumatic fireworks injuries are the result of a firework going off in someone’s hand and causing horrible damage. Supervise your kids and others involved in the fireworks show to make sure this doesn’t happen.

As July approaches, keep track of all the celebration events that will be happening in our area by following our Tulsa events page. Until then, are you looking for ways to keep your kids entertained? Read our article 30 Best Kid’s Activities in Tulsa.



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