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Lyon Electric Is Tulsa’s Choice For Electric Car Charger Installation

Lyon Electric is a business that serves the Tulsa area providing high-quality electrical services for commercial and residential properties, including Commercial Electric Car Charging Installation.

The team at Lyon Electric uses professional-grade tools and materials, employing fully-trained workers who ensure that the job is done efficiently and effectively. The team is always thinking of ways to improve our services, including the addition of new technology, commercial electric car charging installation.

What Sets Lyon Electric Apart?

Lyon Electric goes by the motto, “Roaring On Top of Tulsa’s Electric”. Just like their motto, they are at the forefront of current technological advances in the electrical field. Commercial Electric Car Charging Installation is not only the future of cars but also part of the service menu at Lyon Electric.

Electric cars have been rapidly rising in popularity in the United States over the last few years, and it’s important that as their popularity continues to grow, the demand for commercial electric car charging installation is met. Our professionals can provide you with high-quality commercial electric car charging station installations and excellent products for a commercial property.

The Lyon Electric team is dedicated to excellence in everything that they do! Their dedication and passion are evident in the way they accomplish each of their jobs, regardless of the size.

Lyon Electric Services In Tulsa

Here is a list of the services that Lyon Electric provides to the Tulsa area:

  • Residential Electric
  • Commercial Electric
  • Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

Contact Information For Lyon Electric In Tulsa

If you are in need of any of Lyon Electric’s services, here is their contact information

Phone Number




8403 S Sandusky Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74137




Lyon Electric is an excellent local business run by equally excellent people. If you are in need of any of the services that they provide, we highly recommend working with them.

Thank you for reading! If you’re interested in learning more about what makes Tulsa a unique and great place to visit, you can find more information by clicking here.




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