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Waystone Law | Featured Business

Estate Planning Waystone Law
Waystone Law is the Best Tulsa Estate Planning Lawyer.

Waystone Law is Tulsa’s go-to source for all things legal. Founded by Tulsa natives, Waystone Law specializes in providing comprehensive and personalized service to individuals and organizations throughout Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Our talented attorneys are passionate about helping our clients navigate the complexities of local, state, and federal law. We provide a full range of legal services, from bankruptcy and family law to business formation and real estate transactions.

What Sets Waystone Law Apart?

At Waystone Law, we understand that many Tulsa residents are unfamiliar with the intricate details of the legal system. As such, our experienced attorneys take the time to explain each step in the process so that clients can make informed decisions about their situation. Additionally, we take the time to get to know each client on a personal level. We believe that this kind of dedicated service is what sets Waystone Law apart from other Tulsa estate planning lawyers, and we believe that is what you are looking for in a lawyer.

Waystone Law Services

Waystone Law is a Tulsa-based law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to its clients.

  • business law
  • corporate law
  • family law
  • immigration law
  • personal injury
  • medical malpractice
  • real estate
  • oil & gas matters

Contact Information For Waystone Law


7033 E 40th St, Tulsa OK 74145




Waystone Law is a Tulsa-based law firm that provides exceptional legal services for estate planning. They offer the expertise and guidance necessary to plan an effective and comprehensive estate plan, helping clients to secure their assets, protect their family members, and make important decisions regarding their legacy. Waystone Law’s experienced attorneys are knowledgeable in wills, trusts, probate, tax planning, and other related matters. They have a successful track record of helping Tulsa families create estate plans that meet their goals and ensure the peace of mind they deserve. With Waystone Law’s comprehensive services and experienced attorneys, Tulsa residents can rest assured knowing they are in good hands when it comes to estate planning.

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