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Personal Injury Lawyer in Huntsville
Personal Injury Lawyer in Huntsville

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Featured Business | The Lackey Law Firm

The Lackey Law Firm is an established practice that has been serving the residents of Alabama for over forty years. As a team, this Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer practice provides both relief and restitution to their clients who are suffering physical injuries of many types. Additionally, the lawyers at The Lackey Law Firm are dedicated to providing top-notch legal representation for a reasonable price. 

The team at this Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer treats each client with great care, despite the size of conditions of their legal case.

What Sets The Lackey Law Firm Apart

Personal Injury Lawyer in HuntsvilleThere are several qualities that set The Lackey Law Firm apart from other Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers. Their law firm is a family business. Because of this, you can be sure that you will receive the benefit of their combined efforts. Although you will be working with one of their esteemed Huntsville Personal Injury lawyers, you will have the expertise of over forty years of experience working behind the scenes.

Additionally, the team at The Lackey Law Firm is diverse and highly-qualified. Each staff member brings an individual skill to the table that adds great value to this Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer practice. In fact, they even provide skilled in-house translators for clients that are more comfortable speaking Spanish. 

The results of the skilled lawyers at The Lackey Law Firm speak for themselves. With so many satisfied clients, you can be sure that these Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers have your best interests in mind. You can learn even more about their recent legal cases at this link.


The Lackey Law Firm is proud to specialize in many areas of law in addition to Personal Injury Law. The following is a list of the other legal services the offer:


  • Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Huntsville Car Crash Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer in Huntsville
  • Huntsville Estate Planning Lawyer
  • Huntsville Real Estate Lawyer

Contact Information for The Lackey Law Firm

Contact The Lackey Law Firm using the information listed below to schedule your free consultation with a Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer.

Phone Number

(256) 585 – 2980


100 Jefferson Street S., Suite 1001

Huntsville, Alabama 35801



Monday – Friday 8AM – 4:30PM

Closed Saturday & Sunday


The Lackey Law Firm is a group of Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers that work hard with your best interest in mind. Whether you were injured in a simple accident or your injury is more serious, they will guide you easily through the entire legal process.

With over forty years of experience in the field, The Lackey Law Firm is prepared to approach your legal case with both professionalism and promptness. The lawyers at The Lackey Law Firm are proud to provide their clients with a free legal consultation. In addition, if your injuries prevent you from traveling, one of their incredible Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers will come to you.

Call The Lackey Law Firm today and discuss how their expertise in Huntsville Personal Injury Law can help your situation.


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