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Tulsa General Contractor

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Ascend Construction Services | Featured Business

Ascend Construction Services is the Best Tulsa General Contractor

Ascend Construction Services specializes in residential and commercial construction. They raise the bar on construction services. Ascend proudly serves as the best Tulsa General Contractor! Their goal is to make your building project as simple as possible for you.

What Sets Ascend Construction Services Apart Tulsa General Contractor

Ascend Construction was founded on honesty, integrity, and perseverance. Tyler Detring, the owner, noticed these qualities were often hard to find within many construction companies, so he set out to create a construction business. Ascend is committed to proper communication techniques and ideal customer services during construction projects.

Ascend’s goal is to offer high-quality construction services with exceptional customer care. They aim to make construction processes as straightforward as possible for their clients. From renovating an existing space to building a new building, Ascend wants to aid you in bringing your vision to life!

Ascend is passionate about equipping you with a straightforward plan for your construction project. This helps you to see how it will progress and ensure it will be completed efficiently. By creating a unique layout for your project, you’ll save yourself from frustration that can typically come with building or remodeling.


Ascend Construction offers services for commercial construction as well as residential construction. These services include:

  • Commercial Construction: Ascend Construction specialized in commercial construction and commercial remodeling. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service make them stand out against other commercial construction companies. They understand that your business relies on a well-built space, and they will work to ensure that your commercial space meets your business’ needs. Ascend is happy to offer you insight and advice throughout the planning process. They can assist you in building a new commercial space or in renovating an existing building.
  • Residential Construction: Ascend also specializes in helping you build your dream home or renovating your home to fit your needs best. They want to help you create the space you’ll be proud to call your home. Residential construction can be overwhelming, but Ascend was founded with the desire to provide exceptional customer care and high-quality construction services. They understand that not every homeowner is looking to build from the ground up, so they offer a wide range of residential remodeling and renovation services. They can help work with your existing kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living spaces, or other home areas to create something that serves you well. Ascend also specializes in additions that compliment your home’s design and layout.

Business Information

Ascend Construction Services

Phone Number

(918) 734-9899


5813 E 143rd Pl,

Bixby, OK, 74008


Ascend strives to ensure that your project with Ascend will exceed your expectations and that it will be as straightforward as possible. If you are thinking of hiring a general contractor, consider going with Ascend Construction––the best Tulsa General Contractor! They look forward to working with you and helping to simplify the construction process. For more information or a free estimate, contact Ascend Construction Services today.

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