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Spotlight Business | Rustic Pup Crates

Rustic Pup Sells Beautiful Custom Dog Crates

Any pet owner will tell you that their pet is a part of their family. But, there are facets of pet ownership that force you to compromise. For example, unsightly metal dog crates in the middle of your beautifully decorated home. Rustic Pup is here to provide a solution! 

Rustic Pup is a local Tulsa business specializing in customized wooden dog crates that function both as furniture and as a home for your furry friends. 

What Sets Rustic Pup Apart?

A family business founded in 2019, Rustic Pup specializes in building custom dog crates made of solid wood. Not only do their crates provide a comfortable home for your dog or cat, but they also act as furniture! Because each crate is custom-built, you are able to choose a stain color and design that reflects the unique style of your home decor.

Rustic Pup’s dog crates are often used as side tables, TV stands, entryway tables, coffee tables, and more. They currently offer three unique sizes to ensure that your dog has enough space to relax and unwind. They also offer double crates to accommodate more than one pet. The design of the wooden dog crates also eliminates much of the mess that is associated with owning a dog. Simply vacuum out the cubicles of the crate on a regular basis to get rid of excess hair caused by shedding.

Not a dog person? No problem! One of Rustic Pup’s most popular items is actually made for cat lovers! Their litter box crates provide easy access for your cats while keeping your other pets out of the litter box. With easy access from the top, you will be able to quickly clean and refresh your cat’s litter as needed. 

Rustic Pup offers a unique solution to one of the most inconvenient aspects of pet ownership. Your beautiful, custom dog crate is sure to be the talk of the town.

Unique Dog CrateRustic Pup’s Services

Rustic Pup offers several unique crates for pets of all sizes. Listed below are a few of the areas in which they specialize:

  • Custom Dog Crates
  • Custom Litter Box Crates
  • Solid Wood Dog Crates
  • Double-Dog Crates
  • Rustic Pet Crates

Contact Information for Rustic Pup

You can learn more about Rustic Pup and their custom dog crates using the information listed below.

Rustic Pup

8281 S. Harvard Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74137

(918) 606-8112


Whatever the unique needs of your pet, Rustic Pup can work with you to design a custom crate that is comfortable for your pup yet functional for your space. Gone are the days of cold, metal dog crates. A solid wood dog crate will add a warm touch to your home while eliminating clutter by serving multiple purposes.

Rustic Pup dog crates are made to order to ensure that each element is customized for your needs. You can visit their showroom located at the address above to experience the high-quality of their products first hand. Not located in Tulsa? Rustic Pup now offers nationwide shipping, allowing you to purchase one of their beautifully crafted dog crates from anywhere in the country.

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