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Bible BlastBible Blast

Parent-driven kids Bible curriculum designed for four-year-olds through 5th grade.


What is Bible Blast

Bible Blast is a versatile home school bible program that can be used as a family devotion or curriculum for large churches. the curriculum is designed for ages 4 to 5th grade. It’s built upon a fun, fast-paced rewards-based system. Bible Blast is a unique blend of Bible story reading & scripture memory. It’s a parent-driven Bible curriculum for kids.

Who can use Bible Blast

Families have found Bible Blast to be a great tool for teaching their children God’s Work. Single parents, who want their children to learn and understand the bible, have found this extremely useful. Bible Blast is also a great kids Bible curriculum for kids who are home-schooled. And of course, Bible Blast is a great Bible curriculum for churches, big or small.


Kids Bible Blast Curriculum

Spiritual revolution happens when kids come to know Jesus, rather than just know about Jesus. Bible Blast’s work is to prepare the soil of kids’ hearts so seeds of faith can grow, and a true relationship with Jesus can happen.

When you use Kid’s Bible curriculum, you know each experience was purposely designed to create a social, emotional, and spiritual environment that prepares hearts and minds for God to work.  It is here to partner with you as you create lifelong disciples of Jesus! kids church curriculum

Each Kids Bible curriculum is filled with intriguing experiences that kids remember for a lifetime as their friendships with God continue to grow.

Strategically designed to turn young believers into finding the promises of God on their own, Kids Bible curriculum is intended for ages 5th through 12th grades.  The youth love the social interaction of the gaming atmosphere. And they love the candy they can win each week!

Kids Bible curriculum is student-driven, designed to teach the young person how to search the scriptures themselves without parental assistance.  Five times a week, students use their Kids Bible curriculum Manuals to do a five-minute study of short portions of scripture.  They will use their kid’s Bible curriculum, be directed to maps, concordance references, charts, and commentaries teaching them how to study scripture. After doing their short study at home, they come to church each week prepared for a fun, exciting time of teaching and competition.

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