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India Unreached Children
India Unreached Children

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Who Shares About Unreached Children in India?

HBI Global Partners Shares About Unreached Children in India

HBI Global Partners is passionate about sharing information about unreached children in India. Through their many initiatives and outreaches, they continue to share the good news of the Gospel with unreached individuals around the world. 


In addition to reaching the unreached children in India, HBI Global Partners has the vision to begin training 200 church planters in the year 2023. They are always looking for people to join them in their efforts whether through volunteer opportunities, financial support, or prayer partnership.


Keep reading to learn more about the unreached children in India through HBI Global Partners. 

What Sets HBI Global Partners Apart?

India Unreached ChildrenHBI Global Partners utilizes several unique strategies to reach unreached individuals around the globe.


Through leadership training, they strive to train locals who will, in turn, create change within their communities. 


Additionally, HBI Global Partners is passionate about utilizing community transformation through indigenous missionaries to share the love of Christ with the unreached.


This is something that Christians are called to through the Great Commission found in Scripture.

HBI Global Partner’s Services

A few of the services offered by HBI Global Partners include the following:


Contact Information for HBI Global Partners

You can learn more about the unreached children in India, and how to get involved through HBI Global Partners, using the information listed below.

Phone Number

(877) 424-4634


Email Address



P.O. Box 3037

Broken Arrow, OK 74013




Hours of Operation

HBI Global Partners serves unreached children and individuals around the clock. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or office hours, contact HBI Global Partners using the information listed above.


HBI Global Partners has a passion for serving unreached children in India and around the world. They are looking for like-minded believers to volunteer, support, and pray for both these individuals and their efforts around the globe. You can read more about their services by visiting their Google Reviews.


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