Podcast Recording Service in Tulsa

Who is the Best Tulsa Podcast Recording Service?

Citizens of Sound is the Best Tulsa Podcast Recording Service

Citizens of Sound is a premier Tulsa podcast recording service. They specialize in helping individuals bring their podcast dreams to life – helping with every step of the way from conception to launch. 

With the help of the podcasting experts at Citizens of Sound, you too can share your story with the world. Whether you are dreaming of launching an entertainment podcast or looking to share your career expertise, Citizens of Sound will bring it to life. 

What Sets Citizens of Sound Apart

Tulsa Podcast Recording ServiceAt Citizens of Sound, your podcast dreams will soon come true. With over 800 hours of published podcast content, the Citizens of Sound team has the experience you need to succeed. 

One of the most unique factors of Citizens of Sound that truly sets them apart is their ability to launch your podcast from start to finish.

Not only do they specialize in recording and mastering podcasts, but they can also assist you in the conceptualization of your podcast.

Additionally, the Citizens of Sound team offers music licensing, original composition, and content production!  Keep reading to learn more about the services available through Citizens of Sound.

Citizens of Sound’s Services

A few of the services offered by Citizens of Sound include the following:

  • Tulsa Podcast Recording Service
  • Tulsa Podcast Production
  • Tulsa Podcast Producer
  • Tulsa Podcast Services
  • Tulsa Podcast Ideation & Conception
  • Tulsa Podcast Episode Production
  • Tulsa Podcast Consulting & Training
  • Tulsa Music Licensing & Original Composition
  • Tulsa Podcast Management & Booking
  • Tulsa Audiobook Production
  • Tulsa Content Production

Contact Information for Citizens of Sound

You can learn more about the best Tulsa podcast recording service, or the other services of Citizens of Sound, using the information listed below.

Phone Number

(918) 430-4740


1821 S Carson Ave

Tulsa, OK 74119



Hours of Operation

Monday: 9AM – 9PM

Tuesday: 9AM – 9PM

Wednesday: 9AM – 9PM

Thursday: 9AM – 9PM

Friday: 9AM – 9PM

Saturday: 9AM – 9PM

Sunday: 9AM – 9PM


Citizens of Sound provides the best podcast recording service in Tulsa. Whatever your podcast dreams, goals, or needs, this expert team is ready to serve you! 

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