This Is Tulsa Mini-Series | By Buddy FX


What Is “This Is Tulsa?”

This is Tulsa is a mini-series coming in September of 2019, and it’s produced by the local Tulsa video production company, Buddy FX. Buddy FX has worked with many businesses, organizations, and Tulsa city itself to produce videos for the community.

The This Is Tulsa mini-series was inspired by the people and the businesses within the surrounding areas that help make Tulsa a unique and fun place to live. There’s no one better to head up such a project as Buddy FX, who is constantly working to showcase the greatness of Tulsa.

The intent of the series is to promote local businesses that make Tulsa great! This mini-series visits coffee shops, restaurants, and other small businesses in the Tulsa metro area. The series will be broadcast over Facebook. To visit the This is Tulsa Facebook Page, click here.

Why Tulsa?

Tulsa was founded in 1898 and soon became a booming mecca for oil. Once known as the Oil Capital of the World, Tulsa is also rich in Native American history. It was originally settled by the Creek Indian tribe and called “Tulsi” or “old town.”

Tulsa was a hotspot for art deco design in the 1950’s and has become known as a haven for independent artists. Most recently, Tulsa has been idolized in the film The Outsiders and made world news in 2018 for the grand opening of The Gathering Place, ranked one of the best parks in the world.

Needless to say, Tulsa has it all. It’s now a sprawling expanse for entrepreneurs, small business owners, global headquarters, Millenials, and just about everyone and everything in-between. The market is booming and people are catching on.

Who Is Buddy FX?

Buddy FX is a local Tulsa video production team serving Oklahoma and the surrounding states. This group of creative individuals has flexed its muscles making promos for Tulsa’s Hop Jam, Global Entrepreneur Week, Foundation for Tulsa Schools, and Tulsa at SXSW. As you can see, this company is all about supporting the city in all areas.

Buddy FX is first and foremost a Tulsa video production company, whether it’s music videos, business promos or testimonials, and even micro-documentaries. They provide professional, clean, and eye-catching work for everyone they work with.

If you want to learn more about Buddy FX and the work that they do, you can visit their website here.