Native American Mortgage

Have you been looking for a local Oklahoma mortgage company that works specifically with Oklahomans? You’ve come to the right place! We are proud of our commitment, not only in serving this state but also its individuals. Our offices are based out of Tulsa but we have clients all over – from little towns like Ardmore or Sand Springs up through big cities such as Norman and Oklahoma City. If your goal was finding someone who would go above-and-beyond when it comes down to providing quality service then look no further because, well exceed expectations.

We are proud to be able provide the Native American Mortgage, which is focused on Oklahoma’s indigenous peoples. Our loan officers have extensive HUD training and certifications giving us unique understanding of our clients’ needs as one of only select lenders in this state who offer these types loans for Native Individuals looking into buying their first home!

What Is Native American Mortgage?

The Native American Section 184 loan is a unique mortgage that can help you lower your monthly payment, decrease interest rates or buy property with smaller down payments. This program was authorized by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 which aims to assist eligible individuals on reservations across America in purchasing houses outright as well refinancing their mortgages at low cost!

Benefits of the Native American Mortgage

  • A reduced down payment of only 2.25% of the purchase price
  • Maximum loan amount of $420,680
  • Compared to many other loan programs, the monthly mortgage insurance is significantly less
  • The seller can pay all of your closing cost up to 6% of the loan amount
  • A predictable fixed interest rate
  • Section 184 Native American Loans do not have a pre-payment penalty
  • A Section 184 Native American Loan is easier to qualify for than a conventional mortgage loan
  • A Section 184 Native American Loan can be assumed when you go to sell
  • Section 184 Native American Loan rates are comparable to conventional loan interest rates

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In Conclusion

The fastest and simplest way to determine if you are qualified for a Section 184 Native American Home Loan is by contacting one of our professionals. They can guide your through any questions or concerns that arise regarding eligibility, qualification level as well as program choices!