Featured Business | Blackwood Real Estate | Fredericksburg Commercial Realtor

Featured Business | Blackwood Real Estate | Fredericksburg Commercial Realtor

Blackwood Real Estate is a commercial realtor in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Owned and operated by David Blackwood, Blackwood real estate provides many different services to the community of Fredericksburg, from commercial brokerage to property management.

If you’re looking for a team of experienced real estate professionals to help you buy and sell your commercial property, look no further than this Fredericksburg commercial realtor. The real estate market is constantly changing; you’ll need a team that can quickly read the market and guides you on the best course of action to take. Contact Blackwood Real Estate today!

What Sets Blackwood Real Estate Apart

One thing that sets Blackwood Real Estate apart from other Fredericksburg commercial realtors is that they provide commercial development consulting. Not only can they help you find the best commercial property to fit your needs, but they can also help you build and create a commercial building that will thrive on the market.

The team at Blackwood Real Estate has years of experience working in commercial brokerage, development, and management. Their expertise in commercial real estate will mean that they are looking at your project from every aspect.


Here are some specific services Blackwood Real Estate provides to the commercial community of Fredericksburg:


If you need a Fredericksburg commercial realtor, contact Blackwood Real Estate today at (540) 710-8800.

Business Information

Blackwood Real Estate

10950 Pierson Dr # 600, Fredericksburg, VA 22408


(540) 710-8800

Blackwood Real Estate provides many services that will cater to your commercial property, which eliminates having to stress about finding a specialized company for each aspect you need. Blackwood Real Estate can provide commercial brokerage, property development consulting, and property management. Read more about Blackwood Real Estate in their Google Reviews here.


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