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An Oklahoma based Lean Thinking, Lean Consulting and Management Training firm.


Who is Industrial Solutions

In 1997 Industrial Solutions was established to respond to a market need for practical and effective process improvement services. Since then Industrial Solutions has constructed a complete package of services to help companies improve production performance, shorten lead times, and increase profits. Industrial Solutions has a team of full-time trainers and consultants who bring together their unique skills and wide range of experience in the application of modern manufacturing methods to help companies implement the principals of Lean Manufacturing through lean consulting.


Since 1997, Industrial Solutions has trained over 25,000 people in 600 unique companies. They have engaged in comprehensive lean implementation programs with over 100 companies representing industries from aerospace to healthcare, automotive manufacturing to state government, machining job shops to retail stores and fencing contractors.


What is Industrial Solutions’ Lean Thinking

Lean thinking is a business operating system that maximizes customer value, while minimizing waste. Industrial Solutions defines anything that does not add value for the customer as waste. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer, through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. Lean thinking seeks this goal through waste elimination along entire value streams instead of just isolated points. The creation of new processes that require less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time. Lean thinking will improve the performance of any business in any industry.


Industrial Solutions Helps You

Whatever level of lean consulting your company requires, Industrial Solutions can help. Broken down into Training, Facilitation, Lean Consulting and Development categories, Industrial Solutions can provide the right service to get your company to the level you desire.  From full business transformations to refresher classes, Industrial Solutions has the resources and expertise to help you with lean consulting services.