Tulsa Biohazard Cleanup

Who Is Tulsa’s Best Biohazard Cleanup Company?

Bio-One Tulsa Is Tulsa’s Best Biohazard Cleanup Company

Bio-One Tulsa is a business that serves the Tulsa area with professional and compassionate Tulsa biohazard cleanup and removal services. There are laws in place that mandate that biohazard materials must be cleaned and decontaminated by trained and certified professionals.

Tulsa Biohazard Cleanup

The team at Bio-One Tulsa is up-to-date on all of the latest mandatory training and certifications so that they can quickly provide the biohazard cleanup services that are needed.

What Sets Bio-One Tulsa Apart? 

Bio-One Tulsa sets themselves apart from their competition not only by their thoroughness and professionalism on the job but also by their kindness to the individuals they encounter on a day to day basis that are going through extremely difficult situations.

Their company motto is “help first, business second.” And this motto is demonstrated by the respect that they show to people.

In addition, Bio-One Tulsa also has insurance coverage that is double what the industry standards require, and they have wonderful working relationships with the Tulsa Police and Fire Departments.

Bi0-One Tulsa’s Services

Here is a list of the services that Bio-One Tulsa provides to the area:

    • Tulsa Biohazard Cleanup
    • Tulsa Mold Remediation
    • Tulsa Blood Removal
    • Tulsa Hoarding Cleanup
    • Tulsa Emergency Vehicle Decontamination
    • Tulsa Rodent Droppings Cleanup
    • Tulsa Sewage & Odor Removal
    • Tulsa Feces and Urine Cleanup
    • Tulsa Tear Gas Cleanup


Contact Information for Bio-One Tulsa

If you are in need of any of Bio-One Tulsa’s services, here is their contact information

Phone Number 

(918) 932-6085


2608 W Kenosha St #502

Broken Arrow, OK 74012





Bio-One Tulsa is an excellent business run by excellent people. If you are in need of any of the services that they provide, we highly recommend working with them.

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