Caffeine Crawl

When: Saturday, February 20, 2021

Where: Tulsa, Ok

What: Tulsa will be host to Caffeine Crawl on Saturday, February 20th with 11 excellent, local coffee and chocolate companies. In a time where most events are hard to come by due to crowd size, Caffeine Crawl has been able to continue with a safe event experience for coffee lovers keeping attendees in smaller groups. Caffeine Crawl brings together curious drinkers on any level for an exciting, and educational tour of shops and roasters. This event features a few newer spots, and some regional beverage landmarks. Each of the 4 routes through the city has a different lineup and time slot. Ticket holders will visit the shops on the route they select alongside a tour guide to get a closer look at these artisan gems. Each stop will feature a short presentation on the craft, plus a sample drink or chocolate. Like our recent events, masks are required, our group (route) sizes are smaller, and many other safety precautions are in place. More on our event site ->